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Are you one of those people who just keep postponing their dentist appointments for the fear of going through the pain? Are you one of those scared ones who don’t like to go to the dentist from the childhood? Well, you may not have a pleasant experience with a dentist and that is why you may not be willing to go to a dentist until it is absolutely necessary!

Well, we are here to change that for you! What if, we tell you that you can have any treatment whether it is root canal or a cosmetic procedure smoothly without even knowing it? Don’t believe us, right?

It is very much a reality today, with sedation and sleep dentistry where you can sleep through the entire procedure without feeling a thing. You can say goodbye to your fear and anxiety as oral sedation can put you at a relaxing position and make your treatment a comfortable visit at your dentist.

Oral sedation which means administering a nitrous oxide (laughing gas) pill along with intravenous sedation helps patients with dental phobias to be completely relaxed and stress free during the procedure. The combination of drugs administered completely depends upon the needs of the patients.

Your traumatic dental experiences are a thing of a past, you can now just sleep through your appointment in a completely safe environment and get treated without having to get nightmares for it. Complex treatment can be combined into one appointment and you won’t even feel a thing!