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restorative dental

restorative dental

EXPERIENCE you smile… restored
You don’t have to keep living with the pain and discomfort caused by missing or damaged teeth. Restorative dentistry gives you back the proper function of your teeth and provides you with the healing you deserve. Years of wear and tear and neglect or injury can hurt more than the look of your smile. When the function of your teeth is compromised, your health suffers. Over time, teeth can shift and continue to deteriorate, causing more damage and making you feel unhealthy and aged.

Restorative dentistry rejuvenates your health and your smile. Ask Dr. Leventis create a customized treatment plan that will restore the function of your teeth and provide you with a more vibrant smile than ever!

The most modern way to replace missing teeth, a dental implant offers the patient an opportunity for a permanent restoration that closely resembles their natural teeth and offers the added benefit of aesthetic enhancement.

If you want a more permanent denture consider implant supported dentures that are held in place by several dental implants that are surgically placed in the jawbone.

Porcelain Dental Crowns: Diseased or injured teeth can benefit from a dental crown restoration that is made to look, feel and function just like your natural teeth. These “caps” can actually strengthen teeth.

Crafted by utilizing dental crowns to support the surrounding missing tooth, a dental bridge is a healthy tooth restoration that gives you the added benefit of improving your smile.

Replace or repair teeth that have silver amalgam or mercury fillings. Tooth-colored filings are also used to fill cavities with durable, attractive modern dental restorations.

Dentures allow you to experience a life of confidence once again after substantial tooth loss. We offer dentures that are used to replace all missing teeth or partial dentures for patients who have healthy teeth remaining.

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